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Products 01 - mini storage

why are there things everywhere at home? suit top from work, handbag, shoes, shower gel bottle...

well, don't blame yourself, blame the house designer. because he/she didn't count those of your stuff in while designing the home for you.

if you are renting a place in a city like hk, drilling a hole on the wall would be last thing you would consider of doing, being costly, timely and annoyingly.

so what should we do now?

we search for japanese housewife's philosophy in storage.

japan's city apartments are the big brothers of those in hk, from aspect of size and pricing. the people there tend to study more about storage ideas than anyone else in the world. thanks to them, we can buy a lot of smart yet cheap products to solve some problems.

here are some.

1) invisible coat hanger (on the swing door)

2) invisible coat hanger (on the window frame or sliding door)

3) invisible coat hanger (on almost everywhere...)

4) removable coat hanger

5) invisible hanging string

6) flexible worktop/mini drawer

7) add-on shelf

all the products can be found in japanese supermarket in hk, such as aeon mall.

or you can try

or (if you can read chinese)

more smart products will be introduced here.


-the end-

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