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Ideas 07 - how to choose a suitable faucet?

Do you ever come across this situation: the water splashes all over you or you knocked your head on the faucet when you only try to wash your hands??

This isn’t your mistake. It is actually the result of mis-match of basin and faucet.

So apart from the style and material, what other things shall we pay attentions to while choosing a faucet?

1 – the key size

Below is a dimensional drawing of a regular faucet.

Firstly, the total spacing of a turned-on lever decides the height of the mirrior cabinet or the mirror. And you need a certain space to easily turn it off with your hand.

Second: the spacing beneath the aerator.

It’s important for everyone to consider the main function of the faucet, to brush your teeth and wash your hands or to collect water for a vase.

If you want to keep clear from the faucet when you bend down for face cleaning, select a relatively short aerator. And a longer one for water collecting with a bucket or a glass.

Usually, the height of the installation position of a faucet is a major element that affects the splash situation. To avoid it, you need a suitable basin.

Other than that, the angle of the aerator is also something one easily neglect.

2 – how to match the faucet with a basin

There are 3 typical ways of installations of basins and 2 ways of installations of the faucets, shown as below. That makes 6 combinations. Ewwwww!!!!

First, the worktop width needs 60cm for both usage and area for clean.

The clear space between the wall and the faucet shall be at least 3-5cm for easy clean. If your bathroom area is too small to have that, simply move the faucet to the side and narrow down the worktop area.

Second, wall mounted faucet is a space saving solution. Because the tap doesn’t take any space on your worktop, you can choose a bigger basin.

The spacing between the aerator of wall mounted faucet and the top of the basin shall be limited within 15-20cm. It helps to control the splash.

The distance between the faucet and the basin depends on the styles of both products you choose at the first place.

If you prefer above counter basin, make sure the distance is 4-10cm. Adjust the position with the faucet in hand, since each faucet has different length of the spout.

If you choose under counter basin, the distance shall be 6-10cm.

3- mix and match

There are typical 3 styles of bathroom: traditional (classy), modern and mix & match.

Below are a few examples.

-the end -

About the author:

草三冉 Cao San Ran

is an interior designer and writer, based in Canton area, China. He has been working in design industry for over a decade both in Japan and China. His works are always well-thought-out in layouts and details to ensure the unique and best hierarchy solutions for each client. His great writings also put an in-depth theory into an accurate but simple explanation that made me a big fan of his.

If you read Chinese, scan above QR code to read more articles in Chinese from 草三冉.

I will be happy to translate more of his works to share with English readers.

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