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Case Study 14 - Mr. Gao's home in Beijing

Today i’m proudly introducing one of my favorite Chinese architects JIN Qiuye to you with his small apartment project which was completed last year in Beijing.

Location: Beijing Haidian

Completed: Aug 2020

Gloss area: 39.8 sq.m

Net area: 30 sq.m

Occupants: 1 couple and 1 teenage daughter

It’s a rectangular shaped apartment (4m x 8m) with one one window facing south. Two separate bedrooms are needed. But due to the limited space, it is crucial to utilize each function in a flexible manner.

Along the longitudinal axis, we divide the area into 3 functions. First, we raised the living area with 45cm height close to the only window as a Japanese styled room. The area in the center of the rectangular is a master bedroom with reeded glass window to ensure air ventilation and visual link. We incline one wall of the doorway in between to highlight the contrast and buffering of light and dark. One can feel the difference physically by walking up 3 steps, feeling the wall inclining and the change of brightness while sensing of entering into a new functional area.

At the tatami living area, we place another 30cm h raised floor on top beneath the glass partition to create a corner spot, serving as the daughter’s bed at night time. At day time, the whole area is shared by the family as living area. A desk is also embeded in.

Against the window is a row of book shelves, as well as electronic raising table top and a pendant lamp.

At the master bedroom, we leave it simple with one bed, one bedside cabinet and two reading lamps. On the other side, a pantry invaded into the bedroom area with a hidden pull-out table top and three folding chairs.

The most difficult part is the kitchen. Given the irremovable pipe from the original bathroom. A loop pathway connects the kitchen and the bedroom with two doors. The kitchen is fully equipped with an induction cook, a built-in dish washer, a sink, a garbage disposer, a water filter, a fridge, a microwave and a washing machine.

If you read Chinese, scan above QR code to read more articles in Chinese from 金秋野. 

I will be happy to translate more of his works to share with English readers. 


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