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122 Queen's Rd E, Hong Kong

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See featured article of this project on humble-homes by Niall Burke, please click here.

this project was finished in august 2017.

net area: 410 square feet

location: wanchai

occupants: young professional couple

the original layout had some problems:

1) small kitchen (~25 square feet)

2) two mini toilets (~28 and ~20 square feet)

3) the smaller toilet contains a built-in fire escape exit

owners' requirements include:

1) a bigger kitchen and more storage space

2) a bathroom with a bathtub and a big basin, as well as space for laundry

3) a bed to host at least two guests

4) two separate work places

design keywords:

space transformation, mirror reflection, shelves, wall decoration

design feature 1: structural modification

all the non-structural walls were removed to change three separate rooms into one joint space.

design feature 2: function transformation

when there are visitors, folding doors and removable curtains will help to create privacy again.

design feature 3: kitchen enlargement

apart from 25 square feet kitchen, the corner in front of the entrance will serve as supplementary cooking area.

design feature 4: double workplaces

long desk top and the foldable dining table will be two separate workplaces.

design feature 5: bathroom optimization

bathtub, big basin, washing machine and storage cabinets were added into the new bathroom.

near entrance:

shelves were used to extend the existing bay window for positioning cooking appliances and dishes.

dining room overlook:

with a drop leaf dining table and a 2m long wardrobe at left, and the bookshelf at right, there's still a 1.5m wide corridor that leads to the bathroom.


I shape worktop was designed to replace the original L shape so to visually maximize the perspective. the trolley was used to make the storage more flexible.

rails and racks were hung at the opposite wall for more open storage.

another perspective for two kitchen sections.

this sofa can be transformed into a 1.5x2m queen size bed for visiting guests. the slim coffee table can be concealed under sofa.

what you see when sitting on the sofa.

another perspective to overlook the living room and dining room.

a 400mm depth wood shelf serves as desktop bar with slim bracket in front of the window.

peg board.

dining room with mirror reflections to enlarge the space visually.

dining room corridor.

full mirror front wardrobe to dissolve the space congestion feeling.

folding doors were custom-made to complete the enclosure for the living/guest room.

black and white bathroom to match the color tone of kitchen area.

800mm wide basin+1500x750mm bathtub+washing machine+storage

special foldable hanging rack.

-the end-

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