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Wai Wah Court Residence, Hong Kong

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this project was finished in may 2018.

original plan

net area: 344 square feet

location: kennedy town

owner: young professional couple

the dream home is to have

1) a flexibly transformable space to switch from 2 ppl mode into 3 (a third member, the child of the couple is expected within next two years )

2) a fully functional kitchen with washing machine,drying machine, fridge, garbage disposer, whole house water filter system, built-in oven, dish washer, a large basin and a large fridge

3) a home theater with a 100 inch screen

4) raised floor system with as-much-as-possible storage space

5) two separate work places

6) separate bathroom system

7) and more...

we tried more than 8 layouts before reaching the final satisfaction within 2 months.

it's a small apartment with great mountain view, facing lung fu shan country park.

the 344 square feet apartment has plenty of windows and all the inner walls were not structural ones.

design feature 1: kitchen enlargement

due to the limited width in the original kitchen area, a typical L shape worktop used to be the only solution.

To enlarge the kitchen area, the partition wall between kitchen and old bathroom was accurately moved backwards for 350mm. therefore we could create a U shape kitchen so to have enough space for different appliances.

the proposed design rendering for kitchen look

635mm wide birch worktop was used here for all three sides. we can see from this photo (from left to right) washing machine - drying machine - built-in oven - dish washer.

at the entrance area, a 286L fridge(595x664Hx1780mm) stands near the glass sliding door to the kitchen. normally, the depth of fridges would be larger than that of washing machines or dying machines. to align their surface neatly as shown in the picture, the partition wall behind them was not straight, but zigzag shaped.

under the 560x500 mm big sink were garbage disposer from insinkerator and water filter system from MI.

under the corner worktop, we made a fully-pull-out trolley for storing the cooking sauces.

other space was used for flexible storage and for 3M water purifier.

design feature 2:

to avoid the congestion of usage of the bathroom, we used two split spaces for washing and bathing. the washing basin is actually outside the toilet/shower area. so one can use each space at the same time.

a niche was designed near the basin for standing the eletric toothbrushes with four single socket plugs. 3-way 4000k lights were installed for a brighter and happier makeup setting.

design feature 3: dining / living / study area

to optimize this area with three functions, glass sliding doors again play an important role here to create a partition but not a barrier for lighting or connection.

a raised-floor system was custom-made for storage as well as to create a desk with best view in the room.

the proposed design rendering for the living/dining/study area

when necessary, the three areas could be easily enclosed with curtains so to create a second private room as the couple required.

we used raised floor system to link sofa and study room.

the raised-floor system is comprised of three parts.

part 1 is the L shape sofa foundation, custom-made cushions would be placed afterwards. two-layer book shelf stands behind the sofa. the 600mm wide second step up is connected with wifi origin, hence the play station 4, router and projector can be stored here with a full cover.

part 2 is the 4 big grids which were made as the study room and a second bedroom space when necessary.

the final height was based on the original height of the window bay, up to 550mm. each grid can store a 30L suitcase.

part 3: we made an add-on desktop above the existing window bay. the model simulates the office desk structure. you can pull the tray out for work.

on the other hand, the desk front part of the raised floor system needs to be open to both sides to create a space for placing legs when one sits down on it. it can also work as a storage for paper shredder and other work stationary storage.

study perspective

the proposed design rendering for entrance look

to utilize the longest wall in the apartment (2m L) at the entrance area, we built a full-height wardrobe with 500mm wide changing area.

the wardrobe's upper part is for clothes hanging while the lower part is comprised with double sliding shoe storage system for max. 48 pairs of sneakers and flats from the couple.

on the ceiling right beside the wardrobe was a hidden 100 inch electric pull-down screen.

the projecting area with 4:3 display ratio was carefully calculated and custom-made according to the movie viewing spot height and distance between the project and screen.

open wardrobe from ikea was installed in the master bedroom for more storage.

-the end-

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