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Case Study 03

here i'd like to share my experience on different layouts, hoping it can help you on thinking out of box while facing a difficult one.

case study 03

i received this hand-drawn floor plan a few months ago.

net area: 365 square feet (~34 square meter)

occupant: retired couple


1) the 30 year old daughter will occasionally come and visit the parents

2) NO open kitchen

this is a relatively small apartment for 2-3 people with only one long window. (common size in hk though)

i did two designs.

design 1:

1) place the master bedroom at the position with best sunlight.

2) i'm not very happy with it because you can only reach the bathroom through kitchen. quite a way to walk at night.

design 2:

1) separate the kitchen and bathroom completely

2) have the master bedroom at the entrance corner with a wardrobe as a partition to save space and to ensure the storage

3) insert folding glass doors for the kitchen so the area is linked while there's no cooking going on

-the end-

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