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Case Study 04

here i'd like to share my experience on different layouts, hoping it can help you on thinking out of box while facing a difficult one.

case study 04

net area: 667 square feet (~ 62 square meter)

occupants: a couple + mother in law


1) two separate kitchens, one for chinese cooking and the other for western style cuisin

2) two separate bathrooms

3) storages

4) a study room

5) yoga area for mother in law

what i did:

1) because the two bedroom areas face great landscape, two glass partitions are used to bring in the view and brightness so to make such a limited space visually big for three people.

2) create an entrance while parting the hallway from the study room with wardrobes

3) align the two kitchens together with a glass sliding door. the western kitchen worktop is connected with the dining area and living room. this is very typical LDK design in japan (living+ dining+kitchen) there's no clear boundary among this three areas and this design also serves a great way to connect family members in same space

4) to avoid the congestive usage of the bathroom/toilet, toilet area is parted from shower area.

5) the 1.5m wide corridor between kitchen and bedroom 2 can be used as yoga area.

-the end-

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