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Case Study 05

here i'd like to share my experience on different layouts, hoping it can help you on thinking out of box while facing a difficult one.

case study 05

net area: 958 square feet (~ 89 square meter)

occupants: a couple+ 5 year old boy + 1 year old girl + grandma(who's here to temporarily take care of the baby girl til she's 5 years old)


1) a small and quiet area for dad to work at

2) kids friendly space

3) no tv

4) an area for boy's electro piano/keyboard

with limited budget, and existing multi-room layout, i decided to start based on what's there without any change on the main structure.

as you can see, the in the dining and living area, the walls look like being wrapped by wardrobes. that's because i'd like to create a smooth connect area with a lot of storage for two kids, including toys, clothes, books, etc.

the only structure i have changed is the bathroom 2. i believe two basins are very necessary here to serve three people at same time.

the entrance area is relative wide for normal entrance, so i made a shoe changing space for seating and storage.

the cot should be carefully chosen. while the girl grows up, the cot can be easily changed into a chair or bench. there's quite plenty of products of such transform-ability out there.

to store the boy's electro piano, i think a desk with a drawer where can hide the piano is a good idea. the worktop can be easily risen up for piano playing, just like traditional pianos.

boy's room contains an open wardrobe since there's no other space for regular wardrobes.

in the master bedroom, the dad can find a small desk near the window side to avoid distraction in the living room.

-the end-

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