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Case Study 17

here i'd like to share my experience on different layouts, hoping it can help thinking out of box while facing a difficult one.

case study 08

net area: 1076 square feet (~100 square meter)

occupants: 1 ->2 ->5 ->6


1) simple and smart storage

2) keep 3 bedroom space as it is

3) a room for space observation with astronomic telescope

the above layout plan was provided by the facility management office of this apartment building and it's not to scale. structure is quite regular and straightforward.

what i did

1) the client wants to keep 3 bedrooms, and the existing layout is good enough to provide that. so i kept the structure as it is, not changing much.

2) one storage cabinet is added at the entrance area to part the long hall way from the entrance, as well as to place the stationary bike behind.

3) the living area is large enough to conclude dining area in and make a more linked area. so i suggested a half tv wall to not completely separate the two areas, but visually connect them at top half.

4) the bathroom 1 in master bedroom was turned into a separate system, so the area can be fully utilized.

-the end-

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