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Products 03 - china design - fanji 梵几

today i'd like to share another china designed & made brand - fan ji 梵几

founded at 2010 by product / interior designer Gao Guqi 高古奇, fanji tends to mix oriental perspective towards wooden furniture and western craft skills together, to create a new concept of modern life in china.

it's necessary to mention the fanji's creative business model.

in several major cities in china, including beijing, hangzhou, shenzhen, and xian, fanji has its offline shops. they are not only shops but decorated as fanji sitting rooms. visitors can join the staff in tea ceremony or coffee breaks.

move over, the shops are there to hold exhibitions for local artists. exhibits can be purchased later online in fanji's online shops.

the brand produces furniture and groceries.

more can be found in fanji's official website:

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