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Case Study 07 - bay window and bizarre layout in hk

i love bay windows.

photo: pinterest

just not those ones in hong kong

photo: appledaily

for residential buildings which were completed after 1981, most of them contained at least one bay window in every flat.

from the year 1980, the hk government announced a new policy to limit the upper built area for each land, but not limit to public common area, such as club house, lobby, lift core, and the area of balcony and bay windows are not limited. luckily, the area of bay window is not one part of salable area, but the structure has greatly affected the daylight into the room.

photo: bd department

it's a completely different concept for bay windows in hk from that in europe.

the skyscraper structure in hk had fixed the bay window room on its width, depth and height to make it rather difficult to utilize. though smart hong kong people could always find a way.

make it a supplementary part of your sofa, but way too high to sit comfortably.

photo: appledaily

make it a apart of your bed so you can enjoy the morning light at first hand. though according to fengshui , one should not sleep beneath a beam, that's BAD for you.

photo: appledaily

or your can turn the bay window into a desk of yours. however, with the given depth of the bay window and the room, you wouldn't be able to sit there too long with the limited area for your resting legs beneath the worktop.

photo: appledaily

my recent design in kennedy town: use an add-on part on top of exiting bay window with sliding panel as worktop, together with openable seating area in a raised floor system.

photo: alice lin

overall, to me personally, the bay window is a pain in the ass. pardon my language, but it's true. it's just another practical joke from the developer to make your apartment more expensive but with less light or less usage.

this is not the first apartment that takes up all the bay window as storage area. And if you don’t have enough space to store grocery or clothes, and you have to live in piles of stuff, what do you need that 1 square meter of light for? ...

photo: alice lin

thanks to the greatest creativity of hk developers, the layout of hk apartments is also something one needs to peep, apart from going to the peak, and enjoying the giant buddha on his first visit to hk.

isolated bedroom

360 degree views

diamond shape

this one must have been a joke, i hope....


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