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Park Island Residence, Hong Kong

net area: 837 square feet

location: hong kong

occupants: young professional couple + 3 yr old girl + maid

the dream home is to have

1) a flexibly transformable space to switch from 4 ppl mode into 6 (the grandparents will visit often enough and spend time with the family)

2) a visually open concept kitchen but enclosure in space

3) a large amount of storage space in need

4) and more...

we tried more than 7 layouts before reaching the final satisfaction.

a few modifications in the layout are carried out.

1) a pony wall with glass at upper part replaces the full height concrete wall between kitchen and dining room.

visually, we create a LDK (living room+ dining room + kitchen room) to have a open space for this slim area where family members gather together.

functionally, two glass sliding doors are to fully close the kitchen so the chinese cooking style won't affect the aroma in the living room.

2) the two mini bedrooms are converted into one big room with three partitions where two are bi-fold wood doors and one is sliding wood door.

in daily mode when it's just the family living in the space, this space serves as japanese room for play ground of the girl and the girl's bedroom. the tatami space creates big storage space and the center top can be pulled and transformed into a 800x800mm table.

when the grandparents are visiting, a second bedroom can be easily formed by closing the two bi-fold doors.

3) two bathrooms are open to all members in the family but designed with two completely different styles to make bath an interesting experience at home.

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