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Park Island Residence, Hong Kong

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brief infor :

net area: 574 square feet

location: hong kong outer island

occupants: young professional couple


having served the couple for over 5 years, the original layout had no longer worked out well with its limited cooking and storage space, as well as with the descending hygiene quality throughout the apartment.

the wish list from male owner :

1) a convenient space for a cabin suitcase of his near entrance due to his work need of frequent business trip

2) an open kitchen to stay with the loving one while both can work together

3) a complete enclosed space to work quietly

4) a big bookshelf to store books

the wish list from the female owner:

1) a spacious living room for handstand and yoga exercise

2) more storage space

3) a tidy and bright wash area

4) a meditation room


current situation: (see above photo)

1) the kitchen counter top was full of cooking appliances with no work space left

2) bad ventilation and bad lighting made the bathroom the least popular space in the home

3) limited numbers of wardrobes that had lack of design in its layout

4) the huge L sofa cut through the slender living area which creates a visual barrier

layout plan:

two walls of kitchen removed for open space


beside the entrance gate is a high cabinet, upper white part has the original fuse box hidden in while the lower green part is shoe cabinet .

flats and boots are stored in the drawer shelf to easily be reached in the deep cabinet.

hooks for umbrellas and shoehorn are installed at the sideboard.


by linking entrance - kitchen - dining room - living room in one whole space and adding an island up, a loop traffic is created to connect each space flexibly.

a 4.2 meter long new countertop is made along the wall with full functions in kitchen,

from fridge -> cleaning -> sorting -> cooking -> serving.

a water filter and garbage disposer are installed and hidden beneath the sink.

cabin suitcase lays at the right corner cabinet.

the width of 650mm allows electronic appliances to lay in a row.

dining room

under the long quartz counter top are drawers and cabinets, as well as one washing machine and one drying machine.

as for the island, a whole piece of walnut lays in its natural form.

socket switches are designed for hot pot and work near the seat.

a mini wine fridge is embedded in under the island too.

more shoe storage under the island.

living room

two bean bags replace the huge L sofa and face to a wall of book shelf unit.

on the ceiling, there is a bladeless ceiling fan which serves quietly and ecoly at summer.

bean bags can easily be moved around to make space for yoga anytime.

the suspended ceiling made of laminated floor subtly divides the space of dining and living.


modification in bathroom.

new barn door adds a bit more freedom for entry and exit of the bathroom.

an electric towel warmer is installed to dry the wet towel asap.

the window styled 3 in 1 ventilation heater helps to dry up the air after shower and keep it warm during the shower time.

study / meditation room

4 panes of wood doors are linked with ceiling track and hardware as folding screen.

when the space is not in use, the panes can be fully folded and placed by the wall so to let natural light into the corridor.


three forms of doors. folding / swing/ barn doors.


steel structure shelves allows flexible re-arrangement of the wardrobe for seasonal change.

floor-to-ceiling high bi-fold doors shows every item clearly.


outdoor wood batters covers the original cold tiles at the floor/wall and ceiling in the terrace.

more plants are on the way.

-the end-

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