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Upper East Residence, Hong Kong

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net area: 319 square feet

location: kowloon, hong kong

owner: a young professional couple

*it's a brand new studio apartment with equipped kitchen and bathroom.

the dream home is to have

  1. an independent bedroom

  2. a spacious rest area

  3. a bigger kitchen

  4. storage space for toys

current situation:

  1. the given bedroom space didn't allow a 1.5m queen size bed to fit in (in whichever direction)

  2. the dining space was quite narrow and depressing

  3. not a very good layout to place wardrobe along any walls without affecting the daylight

new layout plan:

  1. knock down both walls of the bedroom area

  2. use a wardrobe as partition between kitchen and bedroom, allow daylight in as much as possible

  3. extend the counter top in the kitchen

  4. move the dining area near the balcony



  • a folding chair is installed for shoe changing near the entrance.

  • the new wardrobe partition contains a part of shoe storage right in front of the folding chair.

  • the niche above the shoe cabinet is for placement of any groceries used during the day, including bags and keys etc.

  • the wardrobe hangs on the air with a gap beneath for more shoe storage.

  • the mirror door reflects and enlarges the kitchen and corridor space.


old kitchen:

  • the cabinet under hanging microwave was a mini fridge which was too small for daily use in a 2 people family.

  • at the right side of the sink was the induction cooker. there's certainly no space for food preparation.

  • under the induction cook was a build-in washing machine.

  • hanging cabinet hides a fuse box and a range hood.

  • in conclusion, there's not much storage space left for this kitchen.

new kitchen:

  • a bigger fridge stands under the microwave.

  • all the hanging cabinet doors are changed into white to make the upper space tidy.

  • the counter top is extended from 1240mm to 3750mm for more cooking space.

  • the extendable table can reach 1850mm wide for 8 peoples party.


  • 3d model sections for more details of the living room and bedroom.

  • behind the wardrobe partition is the living room and bedroom. and between them is three sliding glass doors.

  • have the tv hung on the wall while all the cables are hidden behind the wood board.

  • meanwhile, the tv is hung with 270 degree auto shelf.

  • you can enjoy tv show when eating lunch at the dining area and sitting on the sofa.

  • the linked led light belt under sofa / stairs and wardrobe works as night light together with sensor.

-the end-

Thank you for reading.

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