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Discovery Bay Residence, Hong Kong

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net area: 545 square feet

location: discovery bay, hong kong

owner: a young professional couple

the dream home is to have

  1. a 2m dining table

  2. 2 separated work stations

  3. 2 bedrooms

  4. a walk in closet

  5. a well equipped kitchen

  6. space for piano

  7. no sofa but a projector

  8. storage, storage and storage

  9. space for a washing machine and a drying machine

a few modifications in the layout are carried out.

  1. we turn the L shaped kitchen into a U shaped one to maximize the usage of countertop and storage for kitchen

  2. the bathroom is widened and enlarged to fit in a washing machine (staggered with a drying machine), a shower area, a toilet and a basin

  3. a multifunction room works as study room, yoga room and guest room with a hidden murphy bed

  4. a walk in closet is added inside the master bedroom and locates adjacent to the new bathroom

  5. study area is designed to have two face-to-face desks with bi- fold window as the partition between the multifunctional room and LDK

  6. the bay window in the living room is extended for a subtle sitting area to replace a traditional sofa








* all photos credit from client.

- the end -

Thank you for reading.

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